corporate culture

Build an excellent team with its own characteristics, dedicate to the auto parts industry with ingenuity, and build a high-quality national brand made in China.


Become a global supplier of auto parts, synchronized with leading world brands.


Patriotic and dedicated, honest and trustworthy. Achieve ourselves with diligence and wisdom, return the society.

4、Development Strategy

Adhere to the fundamental principles of the industrial enterprise, make full use of external resources, vigorously implement outsourcing, establish a solid foundation in auto parts industry, achieve product diversification, enhance corporate branding and market globalization.

5、Marketing Strategy

Follow China heavy truck to go out, along the "One Belt And One Road" countries, carefully build Huatai brand

6、Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction as the standard, continuous improvement, strive for first-class.

7、Staff Basic Quality

Patriotism and dedication, civility and law-abiding Unity and preciseness, passion and exploiting Honest and trustworthy, hardworking and wit Confidence and commitment, conscientiousness and responsibility


Attention to details, achieve global recognition

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